Trung Vuong of Loyal KNGLoyal KNG Creative Minds

“I was stoked for the opportunity provided by [Nikki Duong Koenig's] Cykochik to create a few fresh new designs to be utilized in a totally new medium, such as totes, laptop and clutch bags!”

I'm Trung Vuong and I manage and oversee operations at Loyal K.N.G.! I went to college for pre-med which I dropped out a year before graduating to invest myself fully into my passion, Loyal K.N.G.  Prior to owning an apparel brand, I had no experience with anything but the love for doodling. Over the years I have built my skill sets in web-design, photography, graphic design, branding, marketing, event coordination, and made doodling my profession. My art style is greatly based off of the pop-culture that I grew up on during my youth, such as Saturday morning cartoons, Anime, and comics. I love the Japanese culture, so that plays a huge roll in my style of art and illustration. I take inspiration from everything that I watch, listen too, and experience in my life. Luckily I've been blessed to have a brand that allows me to grow creatively every day.