"I was fortunate to participate in Cykochik's artist series. I was among a very talented group of fellow illustrators and was absolutely honored to be included. The final product was outstanding. [Nikki Duong Koenig's] bags are of the highest quality and the artwork was treated with great respect."

Michelle White is a freelance illustrator living in Berkeley who is passionate about the simple art of drawing. She's in love with the flow of a 6b pencil. Michelle has a unique vision of the world around her and shares her thoughts in sometimes startlingly honest ways. Her work often has a hint of twisted humor.

Michelle attended Ringling College of Art & Design. She has worked in several newsrooms around the country as a staff artist before deciding to take the full time freelance plunge 5 years ago. Her work has been featured in many well known publications.

You can find her loitering at cafes and dog parks, sketchbook in hand and pencils jammed in her jean pockets. Stop and say hi.


Cykochik Cykochik

Cykochik "Ocho" octopus vegan tote by Berkeley artist Michelle White