What's in Rellie Arguelles' Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

What's in Rellie Arguelles' Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

Rellie Arguelles

Decatur, IL

Registered Nurse, Mom

Dream Occupation:
I am living it

Which bag are you carrying?
Kiss Mini Bowler Bag

What's in your Cykochik bag?
1) coin purse + Pencil Case/ Pouch that I use as a wallet.
2) mini m&m tube that I use to carry glucose tabs for emergencies + glucometer
3) handi bac anti bacterial gel
4) lip smackers + iphone 5s
5) mini pouch with trinkets for good luck and italian photo charms
that I can switch out on my bracelet from time to time.
6) tin case for pen & stylus
7) comb and Cykochik lips mirror
8) glasses

What can't you leave home without? 
my glucometer and glucose tabs

What's the most surprising thing you carry?
mini pouch with good luck trinkets

What do you absolutely love about your Cykochik bags?
It is eco friendly, superbly made and it is totally custom to reflect me.
This is actually the 6th in my cykochik collection!

Do you have anything exciting/fun planned?
We have plans to spend New Year's weekend in Downtown Chicago. I grew up there, but since moving away, I don't get to see downtown often. We hope to visit some museums, Navy Pier and do some after Christmas "Window" Shopping?

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