What's in Halo Sama's Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

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What's in Halo Sama's Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

Halo Sama


Dallas-Ft Worth, TX 

Illustrator/Graphic & Toy Designer

Dream Occupation:
Designing J-pop accessories & toys

Which bag are you carrying?

"Vanguard Bots" Mini Robot Handbag by NYC artist Terris Poole

What's in your Cykochik bag?
1) Blue Kendama
2) Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon
3) Godzilla! 
4) Princess Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony FIM
5) Dragun, a giant robot from Shogun Warriors 
6) Dino beast battery from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

What can't you leave home without?

What's the most surprising thing you carry?
It's surprising that I haven't fit more toys in here yet...

What do you absolutely love about your Cykochik bags?
I love the fun designs, especially the robots, the texture is luxe and it's all 100% cruelty free!

Do you have anything exciting/fun planned?
I have new illustrations, toys and products out all the time, keep up with me on Instagram! @ShonuffStudio
Also look for updates on my new brand #ShojoRiot
I love to network, follow me on twitter too! @ShonuffArt

If you'd like to share what's in your Cykochik bag, please submit this form for review.


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