What's in Carol Nguyen's Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

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What's in Carol Nguyen's Cykochik Custom Vegan Handbag?

Carol Nguyen

Dallas, TX 

Creative Director

Dream Occupation:
Anything that is hands on and allows me to serve others

Which bag are you carrying?

ATG Productions Foldover Clutch from the Causes Collection

What's in your Cykochik bag?
1) Fan
2) Naphcon-A eye drops + alcohol wipes + bandaids
3) Nivea hand creme + bobby pins
4) Wallet + sharpie
5) Keys (complete with measuring tape and pocket knife)
6) Smith's Rose lip balm 
7) Mints
8) Cellphone 

What can't you leave home without?
Lip balm

What's the most surprising thing you carry?

What do you absolutely love about your Cykochik bags?
GREAT size, very sleek so it matches every outfit, easy to maintain, the color pop from the contrasting zipper, so glad I chose the strap

Do you have anything exciting/fun planned?
Never know where I'll pop up next, but I'll definitely be carrying my Cykochik clutch.


If you'd like to share what's in your Cykochik bag, please submit this form for review.


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