What's in Rellie Arguelles' Cykochik Custom Handbags?

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Rellie Arguelles

Decatur, IL

Registered Nurse

Dream Occupation:
I am living it

Which Cykochik bag are you carrying?
Cykochik Signature Portrait Tote
"All of Me" Clutch, design by Dallas artist Willie Baronet

What's in your Cykochik bag?

1) "All of Me" clutch
     ID, Credit Cards, some money, keys, pen
     (I can just take it out for a short errand run)

2) Cell Phone
3) Diabetes Glucose Monitor & emergency supplies
4) Glasses/sunglasses
5) Calyx cologne by Clinique
6) Lipstick , lipliner, liquid eyeliner
7) iPad
8) Small brush
9) Hair scrunchies
10) Wipes
11) Cykochik postcards to give out when I get asked where I got my bag!

What can't you leave home without?
Diabetes testing supplies - glucometer for blood sugar testing. Glucose tablets for when blood sugar gets too low.

What's the most surprising thing you carry?
Wipes - you never know when you need them. Very handy!

What do you absolutely love about your Cykochik bag?
The design!!! Expecially, of my kids' custom portraits! This is my third!

Do you have anything exciting/fun planned?
My husband and my kids are into cycling. I got a new bike for mother's day! So I'll be tagging along on their rides. The goal is to be able to ride 20 miles without too much trouble. Wish me luck!


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