What's in Roxy Rodriguez's Cykochik Custom Handbag?

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Roxy Rodriguez

Houston, TX


Math Nerd @ a middle school

Dream Occupation:
Work with animals all day. :)

Which Cykochik bag are you carrying?
"Roots of Creation" clutch design by Dallas Artist Kevin Obregon

What's in your Cykochik bag?
1) lip ointments
2) fun pens
3) Splenda [I might be a clepto!]
4) two different Olloclips
5) headphones
6) iPhone 5 adaptor 
7) hair ties
8) bracelets
9) Cambodian wallet [thanks, Daniel!]
10) extra Cykochik cards for the strangers that eyeball my super sweet accessory

I am addicted to all of the aforementioned items, as well as the clutch itself.  

What can't you leave home without?
As a coffee addict I rely on the Splenda in my purse. You can't always depend on a coffee shop to carry the perfect sweetener. ;-)

What's the most surprising thing you carry?
It's not as surprising as it is dorky. :) I use my iPhone so much! And if I forget my charger, I am 85% sure that *someone* will at least have the old charger...so I have my dorky little adapter for saving my phone from a low-battery induced slumber. :)

What do you absolutely love about your Cykochik bag?
I love my Cykochik bag! It's the easiest purse to keep track of, as I keep it tucked under my arm, or leaning against the wall at whatever restaurant booth I am in that night. The contrasting red and white, as well as the unique little hands always draw attention and make any outfit pop. If I feel like lightening the load, the inner pockets make it easy to get rid of my wallet and stick to the necessities. It's cute and convenient and goes with me wherever I go. :)

Do you have anything exciting/fun planned?
Cykochik abroad! I will be traveling with my bag to Vancouver Island this winter break. :)


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