6 Best Vegan Spots in Dallas to Take Dad on Father's Day

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Courtney Garza and Dad

Father’s Day should be filled with quality time with dad and if anyone’s dad is like mine, they love to eat!

Since my dad has always worked in the restaurant industry, I grew up hanging out in the booths of restaurants, playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Color.

Though none of the restaurants my dad worked in were vegan, I remember doing all that I could to integrate some compassion into the industry. I specifically remember asking to take home the live crawfish from one of the seafood restaurants he managed when I was 8 years old. ;)

Now that the times have changed and there are tons of amazing vegan restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I can take my dad out for a delicious meal where no animals are involved in the process, (yay for the crawfish)!

It’s hard to tell people what my favorite vegan restaurant is in Dallas, as they all have so many different flavors and qualities that I love. So now when people ask, I just ask them what kind of food they’re craving, and in the case of taking my dad out, I know he likes the Mexican fare.

El Palote Dallas

It is absolutely amazing to me how we have an authentic Mexican restaurant that is completely cruelty-free and insanely delicious! So for Father’s Day, you better believe I’m taking my dad out to get his favorite dish: tacos! So El Palote it is! One of the coolest parts about El Palote is the fact that they are a family-owned business that puts love into everything they make, which shows in every dish! I have a feeling if I just don’t mention to my dad that all of their food is plant-based, he wouldn’t know the difference. So maybe I’ll just bring him some in a to-go bag and grab me a bbq sandwich (my personal favorite)  and some conchas while I’m at it. ;)

V-Eats Dallas, TX

I also know that my dad loves unique pairings like chicken and waffles, so there’s only one place that is an obvious go to: V-Eats Modern Vegan in Trinity Groves! Their chick’n & waffles is pretty extravagant with their house-made breaded chik-nun over the waffle and tortilla strips with powdered sugar on top (don’t forget the syrup)! I might also have heard that they’ll have some specials just for the fathers coming out that day like breakfast pizza! Think about everything you love about breakfast and pizza and combine it…..dreams do come true. :0

Spiral Diner Dallas

In case my dad needs his sweet tooth satisfied, I’ll take him over to Spiral for a Death Star Sundae, (another personal favorite). I have actually taken my dad here before for the nachos and sundae and he loved them both, of course! He was surprisingly so full from our visit here, so I had to finish the sundae by myself. It was a hard job, but a daughter’s gotta do what she can to help her dad! ;)

So needless to say, I’m pretty excited to take my dad to chow down at some of my favorite spots. Even though he’s not vegan, he’s always been a foodie and appreciates delicious food that does more than just taste good. He has done nothing but support and respect my vegan lifestyle and even went vegan for Lent last year and said he had never felt better and has since made more changes in his home life to eat more plant-based. :D

If your dad is into Indian food, I highly recommend Kalachandjis, or if he likes burgers, my personal favorite is the Buddah Burger from Sundown at the Granada, or a particularly sweet tooth or hankering for pastries deserves a trip to Reverie Bakeshop (they’re closed on Sundays so make a trip the day before!). I love how there are so many awesome choices to treat dad to a hearty meal (or two or three) without meat or dairy, right here in Dallas! So I can’t wait to see where everyone takes their dad for the day by using the hashtag #DallasVeganDad. <3

Courtney Garza Guest blogger Courtney Garza
 runs social media accounts that reflect her greatest passions, one of them being coffee. On her Instagram page @coffeewithcourtney she combines her love for coffee and community by highlighting local coffee shops through her travels, local Texas area, and in her favorite home brews, such as Yoga Coffees. Along with highlighting quality coffee and culture, she also maintains her passion for the vegan and yogi lifestyle on her personal page @colormecourtney. Courtney is also the co-founder of The Harvest Hands, a digital marketing agency for compassionate companies


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Love this I’m obsessed with spiral but definitely need to try some of these other places any yummy places in Fort Worth you guys can recommend? I’m very new on my journey starting off vegetarian! Thanks for this post!

Posted by Melanie on August 12, 2017

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