Cykochik Compassionate Citizen - Christina Sewell

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Cykochik Compassionate Citizen - Christina Sewell

Christina Sewel

Fashion Campaign Coordinator at PETA,
self-proclaimed veganista

Los Angeles, CA

 @christina.sewell  @bravehearthabitat @bravehrthabitat

What is your favorite quote or mantra?
"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." - Swami Sivananda

I think I let out an audible gasp the first time I came across this quote. It sums up the way I want to live in two sentences. Comes down to staying present and leading with integrity and love. 

 What are some must-read books that have inspired/changed you? Why?
Oh my gosh. I set a resolution this year to start reading more and this question is a great reminder to get on that. 

Ones I've read that I'd definitely recommend:

Linchpin by Seth Godin, which is about setting your intentions and putting your art out into the world regardless if it's "ready" or not. Reading this helped me realize that I'll never feel my work is perfect, but that's okay. It's not meant to be and that's certainly no excuse not to share it. The day I put Linchpin down, I launched a personal blog I'd wanted to start for a while.

I Wrote This For You by "Please Find This". If you're a super emo kid like me, you'll rejoice reading these poems and notes that confirm people are just like you out there. I often go back to it when I need a reminder that I'm not alone.

Every 12 Seconds by Timothy Pachirat. We all know the narrative about why factory farming and slaughterhouses are dark, sad places, but it's likely we've never heard that story direct from someone who's actually worked in a slaughterhouse before. The themes this author brings up about how we, as a society, facilitate violent behavior and sweep uncomfortable truths under the rug were jarring. A must-read for anyone who's interested in learning the truth about food production today.

 Who/what inspires you? Why?
So many people inspire me! Every year that I live, this list gets longer and longer. Anyone who stands up for what they believe in, especially when doing so is an inconvenient departure from the status quo but fills an important need in society, is my hero. 

Oh yeah, and my mom. She's the best.

 What are some of your advice or tips for being a Compassionate Citizen?
Get out of the house and talk to strangers (just not the scary ones). When talking to people, turn down your inner chatter and really listen to what they're saying and their intent. 

Practice the art of gratitude -- something I'm trying out now is recounting all the things in my life that make me happy before falling asleep. It's really hard to be negative or stingy with your wealth when you're so conscious of all the good around you.

Take time to live in the moment. That includes stopping to watch squirrels play. And soaking up the sunshine while you're out and about. Remembering to smile even when you don't feel like it. And offering compliments freely and genuinely. Reading. Practicing yoga or meditating. These are the joys in life that remind us what it's all about.

Take ownership of the fact that you were born a game changer. There is greatness in each of us and the world needs to see it.

What are you currently working on?

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