#SpreadtheLove - World Record event at Which Wich 2015 Leap Spreading Party

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New year, new world record! We teamed up with our cause partner Project PB&J (a Which Wich initiative) to make the most sandwiches in an hour & with much love & a HUGE team effort - we did it!  26,710 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were made and then distributed to 20 local charities in Dallas!

Thank you to our many volunteers who came out to join in the fun!  With our Team Cykochik alone, we made 825 peanut butter sandwiches of those 26,710 in an hour.  


Cykochik Founder Nikki Duong Koenig with Which Wich Co-founders Courtney & Jeff Sinelli after the exciting accomplishment. 

All 26,710 PB&Js and the many volunteers, sponsors & supporters behind breaking the world record! Thank you Which Wich for letting us be a part of spreading the love with Project PB&J initiative and give back to our community in a HUGE WAY!

Ways you can support Project PB&J year-round

• Purchase a PB&J sandwich at Which Wich locations nationwide and two sandwiches will be donated to someone in need.
• Purchase an exclusive Cykochik X Project PB&J bag and we'll donate 10% of net proceeds to Project PB&J. 

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