Cykochik Leading Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals - Dallas, TX

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Let's talk the talk & walk the walk to save farm animals everywhere this Saturday! 

This Saturday, November 1st, we're proudly leading the walk for the annual Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals - Dallas at Main Street Garden, and we want compassionate animal lovers like yourself to join us!  

Join our Team Cykochik by signing up or show your support by helping us reach our goal of raising $500 by clicking here to donate. The funds raised by the walk goes to rescuing, feeding and administering urgent care for farm animals.

Farm Sanctuary runs three sanctuaries and is the largest farm-animal rescue in North America. More than 8,000 animals have called Farm Sanctuary home and 3,000 more have been placed in loving homes. 

Thanks to Farm Sanctuary for our opportunity to not only be a part of an extraordinary cause but to lead it.  It's truly our duty to be a voice for those who cannot speak and join forces with organizations that do the same.

Let's walk the walk this Saturday & get closer to our vision of a more compassionate, sustainable and happy world! 



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