Cykochik X Dallas Video Premiere Party :: April 12, 2014

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Cykochik POP UP Party
Cykochik X Dallas 
Video Premiere Party 
with WAAS Gallery Exhibitions

Saturday, April 12, 2014
at WAAS Gallery

7-10 pm
No cover. 
Neon / Cosmic & Fun attire. 

Yummy vegan cupcakes provided by Reverie Bakeshop.

We're teaming up with WAAS GALLERY for POP UP!
Pop up art galleries + Cykochik Pop Up Shop + unveiling our CYKOCHIK X DALLAS.

This fun video features cool Dallas chiks having fun hula hooping around the Big D, & it was our way to celebrate our 10 years (& growing) love for our fans & Dallas!

Sign-up to be a part of this fun contest where you battle one another to knock down the other's hula hoop...umm yes, we're being serious! 

This is first come, first serve and up to 12 participants. The winner takes home the Cykochik Cosmic Hula Hoop Champion title & a Cykochik handbag! Sign-up by rsvping at

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